We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and security on our premises. Our safety protocols are designed to ensure that every person who visits our range feels secure and confident in their environment.

Our Facility

The River City Rifle and Pistol Club, is a destination for enthusiasts of all levels seeking a safe, and professional shooting experience. Nestled in North Iowa, our club offers a comprehensive array of station designed to cater to shooting sports. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the fundamentals, a competitive marksman refining your skills, or a firearm enthusiast in search of a vibrant community, our club is equipped to meet your needs.

The River City Rifle and Pistol Club was incorporated in 1968 in Mason City, Iowa as a Non-profit organization to promote civilian marksmanship, proper gun safety, and conservation of natural resources.

Our facility features diverse shooting environments, including Outdoor Pistol and Rifle Ranges for precision long-distance shooting, and a dedicated Trapshooting Station for those passionate about clay sports.

Our Pistol Range

A close range station for pistol shooting, our pistol range is designed for both static target shooting and dynamic shooting drills during classes. Covered shooting positions ensure comfort and protection from the elements.

Our Medium Range Station for Tactical Rifle Shooting

This exceptional facility caters to those looking to enhance their precision and tactical shooting skills in a dynamic outdoor environment.

Our Long Range Station for Shooting High-Powered Long Distant Rifles

Designed with precision and challenge in mind, this expansive station caters to the needs of serious marksmen shooting at fixed long-distance targets.

Our Trap Shooting Station

This station is designed for both newcomers and seasoned shooters to experience the thrill of trapshooting, a classic sport that tests skill, precision, and timing.