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The Sponsor assigned to you is responsible for making sure you understand RCRPC’s Standard Operating Procedure. It is very important to read our Standard Operating Procedures.

The Sponsor will take you to the range to show you first-hand how everything operates. This is important because you are able to come and go from the range as you please and you are your own “Range Officer” (No Lifeguard on Duty).

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Thank you for your interest in joining the River City Rifle & Pistol Club. Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at 7pm. Club Membership includes a newsletter, club sponsored events and access to the range at your convenience. According to our by-laws, membership to the National Rifle Association is required for ALL members. New memberships are accepted through our October club meeting, after that new memberships will be carried over to the following calendar year. New members will be paired with a sponsor for club orientation and review of club safety rules and policies.

Members will be required to complete four (4) club service hours per calendar year or pay an additional $15 per hour for unearned hours at renewal. Membership renewal is on a calendar year basis. Please fill out clearly. NO REFUNDS ALLOWED.

NOTE: Spousal memberships are available if both are interested in shooting independently of each other. If you will be visiting the range ONLY with your spouse, spousal membership is not necessary.

Thank You,
River City Rifle & Pistol Club Board of Directors.

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