Club Calendar

The deadline for becoming a new club member is the General Membership Meeting is October every year.  All monies and paperwork need to be collected, processed and signed off on by that date.   

Step 1

Fill out online application below and Submit. Remember each Family member Joining needs to fill out this application.

Application for Membership  

(updated Jan 2021)

Step 2

After filling out all applications you will be sent to a thank you page with a link prompting you to either fill out another membership application for your Spouse/Partner or Jr. When all done Applying proceed to our Square Portal to make payment. 

Step 3

After turning in your application and paying dues, you will be assigned a sponsor.

Step 4

 Meeting your Sponsor.

The Sponsor assigned to you is responsible for making sure you understand RCRPC's Standard Operating Procedure. It is very important to read our STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES.

   The Sponsor will take you to the range to show you first-hand how everything operates. This is important because you are able to come & go from the range as you please and you are your own "Range Officer". (No Lifeguard on Duty)

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